JSN ImageShow provides theme mechanism which allows you to present the same set of images with multiple layouts and compositions. Currently, JSN ImageShow comes with 8 themes: Theme Classic, Theme Slider, Theme Pile, Theme Carousel, Theme Strip, Theme Flow, Grid and Mansory. Each theme has a different number of parameters for controlling the gallery behavior: a powerful animation mechanism combining image motion and zooming. More themes will be released in the future.

Theme Classic

By default, JSN ImageShow comes with the Theme Classic allowing you to build terrific galleries by tweaking over 70 parameters. The Visual Preview on the right allows you to see how parameters are applied in real-time. When you the configuration gallery parameters are done, you can view it before publishing by using feature Live View.

Theme Slider

Theme Slider is a newly-added feature in JSN ImageShow v4. This theme uses purely the jQuery Library. With 30+ simple and effective transition parameters, Slider allows you to create stunning photo galleries which run well on computers and iPhone, iPad devices.

Theme Grid

Theme Grid is a newly-added feature in JSN ImageShow v4.2.1. With 10+ parameters, this Grid brings your photo galleries a new way of presentation with a lot of photos showing on one place.

Theme Carousel

Theme Carousel is a newly-added to JSN ImageShow v4.5.0. It helps present all your images in one place thanks to a rounded animation.

Theme Strip

Theme Strip is a newly-added to JSN ImageShow v4.5.3. Theme Strip lets you create a nice gallery with horizontal and vertical orientation. Moreover, with nice effects and 25+ parameters to configure the image border, image spacing, border thickness, etc., you can make your image gallery look really great.

Theme Flow

Thanks to this new 3D effect, an image gallery has a feeling of depth and it makes your photos stand out from the page. Please run this page on Chrome or Safari browsers to see how it works. Theme Flow has more than 20 parameters divided to 5 tabs: Container, Thumbnail, Caption, Navigation and Slideshow. You are free to choose the color of the background, change the color of the border and have rounded corners, change the opacity of image, etc.

Theme Pile

Theme Pile is an amazing theme which let you create grouped gallery piles with fun effect. Your photos are scattered randomly with a flat style. There are more than 15 parameters for you to quickly customize the thumbnail as well as the slideshow setting. You can control the max width & height, the overlap and rotation as well as the border and hover color.

Theme Mansory

Theme Mansory is perfect to showcase creative contents such as illustration, photographs or products in an elegant way. This is also the great solution for people who want to show off various images in different sizes. You can control the image presentation easily with the help of fundamental parameters.

Super Gallery

Super gallery! I really like it right from first few minutes when i download it. Excellent documentation with great visualisation. Didn't get a chance to contact to support bec. everything clear and working smooth! Thank you guys!


Review from JED

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