Site Manager helps you control all website content in one place. As you can see in the image above, it covers Menus, Components and Modules.

Menu management

Here you can manage your menus. If you want to move items within a menu, simply drag and drop them. Expand all and Collapse all functionality help you to show/hide all submenu items of each parental menu item. You can show or hide unpublished menu items by clicking on the icon in upper right corner.

Clicking on a menu item will show a context menu with further actions. Then you can select to display the corresponding component on the right as well as edit, unpublished, rebuild, add menu item. In addition, you can set a menu item as homepage, "check-in" or "trash" a menu item.

Component configuration

This section shows you the component of the menu item you selected, where you can click on elements to control their appearance on the page. The component will automatically adjust all necessary parameters for you. You can even edit the article right in a modal window. This is truly a convenient way to configure article presentation, especially for new users.

Currently, default Joomla article layout and K2 blog layout are supported by JSN PowerAdmin.

Module management

Here you can manage all modules positions supported by the current default template. A modal window directly shows you the module edit page that saves you a lot of clicks. Drag and drop will let you visually, instantly change module positions. Moreover, a module can be published/unpublished or assigned to the selected menu item with the context menu appear when you click the module. You can see all module positions supported as well as add new module quickly once you click on a module position.

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