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JSN Campus serves all students - undergraduate, graduate and professional - enhancing Campus's academic excellence with a board set of experiences and services designed to help you succeed at Campus, and in life. Come by & explore all what we have to offer you.

International students
International students
JSN Campus is a diverse international community and welcomes talented students from around the world. Apply to study at JSN Campus, and join one of the most culturally and socially...
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Why choose JSN Campus?
Why choose JSN Campus?
Over the last century, JSN Campus has achieved a world-class education with our unique JSN Campus programs, industry-focused courses, employment support and inclusive student community.
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For more than a century, JSN Campus has enable business professionals to turn their ambitions into reality. Some are looking to start a new career, or combine their interests or...
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What Our Teachers Say

JSN Campus allows varied ways to comment such as audio, text or even recorded video. I believe this face-to-voice-to-typed-word is an integral part of creating a community within a class.

J. Rose

Assistant principal

Teachers can engage with the students in frequent dialogue and provide opportunities for students to ask and answer questions at JSN Campus. Students is frequently inspired dialogue and deep thinking.

Clack Jay


The best advice I have received about online teaching came from peer learning groups coordinated by JSN Campus. I can pick up a daily paper and use it to organize a class discussion in real time.

Chau Jose



JSN Campus's west is a cultural centre, and a vibrant melting pot of 130 cultures
and 150 languages. Apply now and start in 2021!

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Talkshow: Preparing to leave school and start working

JSN Campus
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Date: Wed, 03 Jun - Sat, 28 Nov

You have just spent a large period of your life in a school where your teachers and peers know you well and you have established yourself as part of a community.

This all changes when you start working.

In school, you will be pushed to finish your work and meet deadlines and the teachers take a lot of responsibility away from you. In employment, you will be expected to manage the day-to-day tasks yourself. You may have also felt that teachers were always on your back, always picking at the little things; uniform has to be worn correctly, arriving at school and lessons on time, politeness and being able to work independently, but these are key aspects that will help you when you looking for and getting a job.

For your entire time in education, you have been used to a set 6 hour day, with a morning, lunch and maybe afternoon break. Employment works differently. When you start working you must be ready to work longer hours, with breaks being set by your manager. This will be difficult to adjust to at the beginning but over a short time period, you will become used to it.

Receiving a salary gives you an amazing feeling and will leave you wanting more. If you work in a professional manner, showing enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn you will be successful.




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  • From Wed, 03 Jun to Sat, 28 Nov

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Hear from our students

Through practical industry subjects, JSN Campus gave me confidence to work as part of a team to support the delivery of large-scale projects. I had gained invaluable knowledge from my course which help me to stand out. 

Annelyse Carter

My year 12 results were meagre, but JSN Campus offered me a chance to succeed. Actually, the year 12 scores do not define your talent- until someone find their niche and interest they can excel.

Rhian Stavely

The course is so practical- it allows you to deal with real project and the guest lecturers are JSN Campus graduates who work in the industry so that motivated me more work hard and develop my career.

Shreysha Shrestha

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