How do I reset my password?
What is a homestay?
Can anyone signup as a host?
How do I make a booking?
What is the best set up to operate?
Who are the hosts?
Who are the guests?
Help, I have a question and I need an answer.


Do hosts have to pay taxes?
How do you verify your hosts?
Do I have to set hose rule?
How can I prepare myself as a host?
How do I keep my availability calendar up-to-date?
What information will I need to provide when signing up?
Is there an approval process?
Will my private details be secure?


How do I search for listings?
How do I use search filters?
How is my booking confirmed?
How do I know my host is real?
What are house rules?
How long do I have to wait on a host replying to me?
How do I do if my reservation has been accepted?
What do I do if I have an issue with my booking?

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