Eagerness is rife in Germany, and it's beginning to show on the training ground. Following their record-breaking goals, and their best start to the season since 2001-02, their captain was caught on camera kicking out twice at his young teammate.

ReCaptcha saves the same function as Captcha and it supports two versions. The first offers you to enter some words or digits from the image, and the second needs you to mark the checkbox “I’m not a robot” only.

According to the reCaptcha website, over 200 million Captchas are solved by human every day; if the average time spent doing a Captcha is 10 seconds then that amounts to 150,000 hours a day.


Lastly, securimage is an open-source free PHP Captcha script for generating complex images and Captcha codes. It requires you to download securimage and use some technical knowledge about coding.

It is needless to say that Captcha methods are indispensable for  protecting your form from spam software robots and abuse. However, it could be difficult for newbie to install and integrate it to your form. But with Uniform, using Captcha has never been such easy.

Use Captcha in Uniform

The reason Uniform chooses reCaptcha and securimage instead of Captcha lies in the security. Captchas are vulnerable to hacks either by removing background clutter and noise or by identifying the character in each region. When spammers tested the same techniques against images created using reCaptcha and securimage – they failed completely.

How to add Captcha to form?

When you go to the first page to create a form, in General, you will see Captcha area:

What you need to do is just to choose the most suitable Captcha method for your form: No Captcha, Recaptcha or Securimage.

Note: If you choose reCaptcha, several steps need to be done.

The system will require you to enable reCaptcha. Just click on Here and then another click to enable Captcha - ReCaptcha.

That’s for the first version of reCaptcha.

In case you want to add “I’m not a robot”, you need to fill your reCaptcha key in Captcha - ReCaptcha: the site API key & the site secret API key.

The API key pair is unique to each domain and first - level subdomains that you specify. These are free to get from Google if you have a Google account already.

Visit reCaptcha official website to get your own reCaptcha API keys:

Fill the required information and you will receive your site API key & site secret API key. Paste them to reCaptcha section, click Save and you are now free to choose No Captcha reCaptcha.

If you have any questions about setting up your form with Joomla or Uniform, don't hesitate to leave a comment or post a question in our forum.

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It was another week of defensive dominance in the UEFA League to be in top 10 featured a clean sheet. This trend has certainly been reflected in Fantasy as well with the maximum amount of defenders allowed (five) making it into our Team of the Week. Read this blog to see who they are!

From many compliments and encouragements of Joomla users for JSN PowerAdmin, we decide to move on with a revolutionary edition JSN PowerAdmin PRO, which will be release in next few weeks with many news features and improvements.

The under development features are:

  • Boost up performance by using React JS technology
  • Structure View in Site Manager to show layout with actual structure
  • Backend Menu Management allow user to group and set permission for Backend menu

Some more future features:

  • Quick Assign template for menu items in Tree menu view.
  • Extension PowerPack bring support for most popular Joomla extension
  • Advance Templates management
  • Administration Dashboard for Super User
  • And more...

These features will be implemented one by one in JSN PowerAdmin PRO, and we’re open to hear from all Joomla Users for any suggestions to improve this products.

We believe JSN PowerAdmin PRO will be an essential enhancement to Joomla Administration task and help Joomla Administrator save a lot of time to complete their works.

Please help us to build this products by give your comments about the features that should be included in JSN PowerAdmin PRO or any improvements for our planned features.

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Joe Hart has got a dedicated pitch at Manchester City's training ground in recognition of his 12-year spell with the club.

He took a key role in helping the club to win their first Premier League title in dramatic fashion in the 2011/12 season after they pipped rivals Manchester United to the title.

The above is just one among many situations when content versioning is super important. Luckily, this feature has been made available since Joomla! 3.2. Here is the list of useful things you can do with Joomla article versions feature:

  • Keep track of saved versions;
  • Preview previous versions;
  • Compare two versions of an article to see all the modifications there;
  • Restore from a previous version of your article.

How To Enable Joomla Versions

To make sure that your article versions option is enabled, go to   Content → Articles → Options.

Next, go to ‘Editing Layout’ - Turn On ‘Enable versions’, and input the number of ‘versions’ to keep. By default, the number of maximum version is 10, but you can change this number as needed.

Now that article versions control is activated, let's start with creating the first version of your Joomla article.

Start Using Joomla Article Versions. Let’s open an article, then click on the Versions button on the article toolbar to open Item Version History. You won't see anything here, as no changes have been made. Now, you can try to modify the content of your article to see how changes are saved. As an example, I will add the phrase "Joomla versions test" on the top of the article.

After that, click on Save button, then click the button Versions on the toolbar again to see if the new change have been tracked in the Item Version History.

Here is what you will see: a version, with date & time when it was saved.

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