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JSN Solid 2 is an elegant website template that suit perfectly for any educational institute's website. Powered by the new SunFramework come up with fantastic configuration features.

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Content Elements

Content elements in JSN Solid 2 is meticulously designed for vintage lovers. Font types, buttons, tables, paragraphs, headings, etc.

Module Positions

This template, as well as others powered by JSN Sun Framework, are provided with a variety of module positions for any purposes.

Menu Variations

JSN Solid 2 is available with 3 menu variations like “Side Menu”, “Mega menu” and “Tree menu” so that you could easily navigate users.

Content Types

We will make your content become more interesting by adding new content types sites with video, audio, gallery, quotes, and link.

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Bob Steven


I chose Solid 2 due to its reputation in the global market, value for degree, low cost accommodation and vibrant Students’ Union

Christina Rose


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