Businesses should take a solid template for their online presentation. This theme should be dedicated to corporation websites with powerful features equipped. It would allow you to show content in whatever way you like. Among some Joomla templates, JSN Epic is a brilliant candidate.

preview of jsn epic joomla template

JSN Epic is purely designed for business. From how it looks outside - Professional, elegant looking with exclusively crafted features; to how it works inside – Effectively, quickly and smoothly. You have everything you need to run a business website with JSN Epic!
It should be placed specially in you collection of free Joomla 2.5 templates.

Business-oriented design

business joomla template

JSN Epic perfectly fits requirements of corporation website. All module positions are divided by clear borders. The color palette provides you with six business colors: Blue, gray, red, green, violet and orange – in both background and all elements such as module boxes, menus or hyperlinks.
You can also personalize your website with 20 cool icons additionally. Tiny details and stunning animation effects are carefully decorated by CSS3 effects as well. Last but not least, there are 37+ collapsible module positions, 5 menu styles, 6 module box designs, 3 font styles and supper rich typography.
All of these individual stuffs sound simple, but they look and work harmoniously together. Just mix and match, JSN Epic varies in your hands.
Not many Joomla templates can do it.

Rich features

joomla 2.5 templates features

Empowering your business is just easy, with JSN Epic. Features are added to JSN Epic when they are truly useful to users. And below are some distilled features after several years developed:
Firstly, it is natively compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. Definitely, it always supports all the upcoming version of Joomla, too. The version 2.5 will be supported until the spring, 2014 as the same as other Joomla 2.5 templates. The version 3.x will be supported when Joomla still officially supports Joomla 3.x too. Please note that you should use Joomla 2.5 templates instead of Joomla 3.x version now,
Secondly, it utilizes the rock solid JSN framework. So, you can save your time and effort with sample data, update your template automatically, get ultrafast speed with CSS/CS compression and so on.
Thirdly, it officially supports four necessary extended styles: K2 – a content construction kit, Kunena – a forum extension, Virtue Mart – a Shopping cart and Easy Blog – a blog extension. It means all of these joomla extensions run well on JSN Epic. Besides this, their interface is re-designed to match the template’s design.
This list still continues with Responsive design, Right-to-left layout and more.

Usage made easy

joomla templates with colors

It is not difficult at all to get started with this rich-feature template. It is intuitive with integrated user experience. Template parameters are arranged in logical groups, each one is equipped with text description for easy understanding. Moreover, you can get help with:

  • Sample data: This dummy data as the same as the demo content. So you are free get an overview of what is contained in the template and examine any details you like.  
  • Thorough support materials: There are Configuration manual, Customization manual and Video tutorials. Just dive into these if you want to learn about the template, customize background or add more icons and so on. Rarely free Joomla templates provide these stuffs.
  • Dedicated supports: Fast on-site covering not only matters related to JSN Epic, but also Joomla in general. You get support via ticket system, forum and live chat.

The more you use JSN Epic, the more you love it.
This template comes with 2 editions: Free and PRO. It has one of the best free Joomla templates in the market with standard features for a basic website. If you want to build a stable website with it, we recommend that you choose JSN Epic – One of the best free Joomla 2.5 templates.