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Content Elements

Content elements in JSN Blank 2 is meticulously optimized for design aesthetic and consistency. The default look of all the contents element, from heading, paragraph, buttons, tables, etc, look just perfect in any case.

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Module Positions

This template, as well as other ones powered by JSN Sun Framework, are shipped with various useful module positions for any use case. But that's not all - you easily can create your own positions anywhere..

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Menu Variations

We understand that, as a website builder, you will need different menu types for your projects. As a result, key menu variations such as 'side menu', 'mega menu' and 'tree menu' are always integrated in our templates.

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Content Types

Standard Joomla! articles only contain image and text. With JSN Sun Framework, we put Joomla! content to the next level by adding new content types, spicing up sites with video, audio, gallery, quotes, and link.

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For most non-coder users, controlling layout in Joomla is often a real struggle. In most cases, users will need to accept the layout as designed and coded by the template provider. However, this is no longer an issue with the new Layout Builder in JSN Sun Framework. With a self-explanatory user interface, this the Layout Manager provides endless possibilities to create and customize your Joomla template layout without a single line of code.

Here are some great features in JSN Sun Framework’s Layout Builder:

  • Easy-to-build drag & drop process: Creating a template layout from scratch just by dragging & dropping items into your layout, with incredible speed and performance.
  • Painless customization: Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can easily customizing the existing layout.
  • Flexible module position creation: Never have to wonder which files and codes are needed to add a new module position in your layout, as you can do this directly in the framework’s intuitive user interface.
  • Unlimited Undo & Redo: No worries if you have made a mistake while building or customizing a template layout, as you can always use Undo feature to take a step back and recover what you had previously.=
  • Powerful backup & restore: Your layout can be backup and restore with just one click.
  • Highly responsive: Fully responsive with Bootstrap 3 support. The layout builder also offers editing mode in tablet and mobile devices.
  • Easy to learn: There is no learning curve. What you see in the layout builder is what you get on the front-end view.
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There is an increasing need for Mega Menu, as it improves the navigability and aesthetics of modern websites. Understanding that Mega Menu is a must-have item, JSN Sun Framework has integrated an innovative Mega Menu Builder in its core since its birth. This tool gives you the ability to build a complex Mega Menu in the most user-friendly and versatile manner.

The following are some key features of the Mega Menu Builder in JSN Sun Framework:

  • Easy to use: Mega Menu can be built with simple drag & drop, similar to the way you handle the Layout Manager in JSN Sun Framework.
  • Painless customization: Basically, what you see is what you get. Everything in the Mega Menu builder can be edit with some simple clicks.
  • Multi-column layout support: Since it’s based on Bootstrap 3, you can create up to 12 columns in the Mega Menu builder.
  • Unlimited content type support: The ability to display all kinds of content types in menu item including text, images, videos, module, etc.
  • Mobile friendly: Mega Menu created with JSN Sun Framework is responsive, and thus displayed nicely on any mobile devices.

Note: This feature is only available in PRO templates powered by JSN Sun Framework.

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