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This free course, Business communication: writing a SWOT analysis

Beginners' France

Improve your language skills to communicate more easily and effectively in French.

Graphic Design

Discuss the use of design elements such as lines, shapes, forms, tones, etc.

Interpersonal skills

To succeed in management you need have good interpersonal skills

CSS Basic

Learn how to take your Web pages from bland to bold with the power of CSS styling.

International Law

Master international law community, including the rules and institutions, etc

Calligraphy and Handletters

This is a beginners guide for those looking to learn more about modern calligraphy.

Food and Beverage Industry

Managing a company in the food and beverage industry is a fascinating task.

Supply Chain Management

This specialization is an introduction to the world of Supply Chain Management.

Marketing Analytics

Develop quantitative models that leverage business data to forecast sales and support.

Critical Thinking

This is a self-paced course and can be completed according to your own schedule.

Making decisions

Does the ability of others to make snap decisions really frustrate you?

Contract Law

Contracts are a part of our everyday life, arising in trust, promise and credit.

Human Right

This course will teach you about the human rights of refugees and empower you.

The protection of child

Approach to the legal protection of the child, taking the International Convention.

Humanitarian Law

How law regulates armed conflicts and guarantees minimum compliance.

Investment Law

Learn the features and dynamics of an important field of international law.


A thorough introduction to technologies applied to Natural Language Processing.

Italian Language

Learn the basics of the Italian language and culture through videos, podcasts, interviews.

Upper-Intermediate English

Learn how to use appropriate tenses and enhance your vocabulary and grammar.

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