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Leadership Academy

We prepare leaders to build strong and effective teams. An effective leader creates a favourable work atmosphere


You will acquire what we’ve promised you at the beginning of the cooperation


We focus on long-term results and not on temporary solutions to problems


We always try to get to know our future customers better than themself

Professional attitude

Offering the most advanced management strategies  that you ever needed

Long-term thinking

Gathering all the information about the technology, economy trends of tomorrow

Transparent in action

Reviewing, discussing all the latest new and coming up with most trustworthy answers

Welcome to Consulting

We help businesses use data to become leaner, make smarter, faster decisions and solve complex business problems. Our vision is to help our clients to become passionate advocates of data driven decision making through making it quick and easy to put your data to work and get it out into the hands of the frontline. 

  • Investment Research 
  • Quick and Easy alerts
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Career coaching


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The beauty of astronomy is that anybody can do it. From the tiniest baby to the most.

Financial advisers will generally charge about 1 per cent to manage someone’s...

Digital finance strategy: Advise and implement strategic choices to help...

“It is a misnomer that you need to have a lot of money before you should seek...

It means access to and pricing in relation to products such as credit cards,...

So what do you need to know about costs? If you have less than $10,000 to...

To assist in the improvement of women’s financial well-being AMP Financial...

Our mission

We are a hands on bunch of experienced data professionals that have worked with some of the worlds leading brands. We have the battle scars and know what works and how to apply the right thinking and approach.

Our team

Talent win the games, but teamwork win the championships 

Tomas Walker

Business consultant

Wilfred Fletcher

Financial expert

Sandra Haynes

Project manager

Services Plans

Choose the conformable plan for your business and let us take care of the rest

Basic plan

Daily insights that cover all fields and industries

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individual plan

Personal consultant that take care of your individual problems

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An ultimate solution for your whole cooperation 

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If you wish to be connected with our expert consultants or explore all of our subscription plan, leave us a message! For any additional requests, don't hesitate to include in the message, we will get back as promptly as possible.


1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington 


+1 567-678-4590

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