Welcome to JSN Meetup !

Take a quick look at how JSN Meetup will attract visitor and fill your empty seat.


Main Features

Content Elements

Content elements is meticulously optimized for design aesthetic and consistency. The default look of all the contents element fit perfectly with JSN Meetup.

Module Positions

Thanks to JSN Sun Framework, you can manage and create your own module position easily and almost any where you want.

Menu Variations

Menu variations such as 'side menu', 'mega menu' and 'tree menu' are integrated in our templates and designed to bring your website a professional look.

Content Types

With JSN Sun Framework, you can add new content types, spicing up sites with video, audio, gallery, quotes, and link which standard Joomla doesn't have.

Joomla Power

Default Joomla! content including Content components, Users components, Contact components and Search Components will be presented perfectly by JSN Meetup.


Multiple Colors

If you don't like this current color. You have another 5 colors to chose from