The Joomla team has noticed the pain points of users in the previous version when it comes to the media manager. Joomla 4 now has a iprovement in Media. It is integrated with editing features which will be more useful for you to upload pictures. Besides, you can read the properties of each photo by clicking on the picture.

let's take a look to see the new updated in the media manager in Joomla 4. 

The new media manager' interface
The editing features
The editing features
Seeing the image's properties
Drap-n-drop upload

If you are a fan of Joomla, you already know that the previous versions of Joomla do not have any editing features in Media Manager which is very inconvenient for the user. Therefore, it could say that adding editing features is the remarkable change in Joomla 4.

We also have a comparative article between Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 in JoomlaShine website, please feel free to click on the link here to read more. 

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