WorkFlow is a new feature in Joomla 4. It is described as a sequence of steps, which allow users to manage the website content. Users can create and customize any workflow to meet their needs.

What is the Workflow?

In Joomla 4.0, the workflow includes:

  • States: it is regarded as steps within a workflow.
  • Possible transitions: it includes the sequence of states an article has to pass.
  • Item conditions: the conditions of the article can be. There is only 4 item condition: published, unpublished, trashed, and achieved.
  • Categories: it is the place to assign articles

How does it work?

As a Joomla admin, you can easily create or customize a workflow to control articles within a component. The workflow works as a process. When the article is added in the workflow, it will go step by step (the transitions) until the article is published.

The point here is admin can control the content in their website automatically and logically without manual management. It will reduce the time on the administration page.

How to set up the workflow?

Step 1: Create the User Group and User (Optional)

Step 2: Set up notification

Step 3: Create a Workflow

Step 4: Create Stage

Step 5: Create Transition

Step 6: Assign Workflow & User Group Permissions to the Category

Step 7: Ready to use

Click on the post here to see how to create a workflow process. 

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