Developing and introducing it to the Joomla community in 2017, Joomla 4 is still in the Alpha stage but, we now can see all the major differences between Joomla 4 vs Joomla 3.

This article will show you 11 significant differences between Joomla 4 and Joomla 3. This is a brief summary of the differences between two versions, you can read the detailed article by clicking on this link.

  • 1. Bootstrap 2 vs Bootstrap 4
  • 2. LESS vs SASS
  • 3. Better responsiveness
  • 4. Default front-end template
  • 5. Default backend template
  • 6. More simplified Installation process
  • 7. Media Manager with editing feature
  • 8. PHP version required
  • 9. Change for Mootools and JQuery
  • 10. Optimize Codebase
  • 11. More secure

Through comparing the differences between Joomla 4 and 3, it can be noticed that Joomla 4 has more advantages than Joomla 3 such as a smart interface, better responsiveness, better security, and x2 faster performance.

Joommla 4 vs Joomla 3 Inforgraphic

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